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Bare Topicals is a collection of handcrafted topical cannabis products that utilize the mighty power of plants to help and to heal. Plants are warehouses of infinite possibility and cannabis, a miracle plant in and of itself, is no exception. Cannabis is a gift from nature. It’s an extremely powerful medicinal plant that has proven to be effective in treating a wide range of ailments. It is a non-toxic and easily cultivated herb that adds new dimensions to traditional plant-based remedies and includes skin healing properties, mind-body-soul refreshment, soothing analgesic properties, and anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Topical cannabis is a safe and effective herbal remedy.


One of the most important aspects of the cannabis industry and a key area of growth is the extraction space for raw materials such as CBD, essential oils and nutrients. These materials can be used in the production of food, clothing and beauty products.

The Healing Power of Plants

There is a tendency to think that the use of plants for medicinal purposes is something from history rather than cutting-edge science. The reality could not be further from the truth. While the use of cannabis is a centuries-old practice across many cultures, the West is only now coming out of the herbal dark ages. Studies surface daily on the medicinal power of cannabis. There is no way that Bare Topicals, committed to making high quality, effective herbal remedies, can overlook the miraculous properties of cannabis. The Taboo Collection was created from deeply researched formulations using highly effective blends of plants, primarily cannabis. Bare Topicals aims to provide safe alternative treatments for pain relief and skin conditions.

The Canna Cup

2018 – 1st Place Topical

The Grey Area Festival 

2018 2nd Place Topical for Releaf

2018 Okanagan Cannabis Cup

2018 – 2nd Place Topical for Recover

2017 – 2nd Place Topical for Magik

Karma Cup

2018 – 2nd Place Topical for Recover

2017 – 1st Place Topical for Recover

2017 – 3rd Place Topical for Magik

2016 – 3rd Place Topical for Magik

HighTimes Cannabis Cup

2017 – 2nd Place Topical for Magik

Bio Cannabis Cup

2016 – 1st Place Topical for Magik

2016 – 2nd Place Topical for SPF 420

2016 – 1st Place Topical People’s Choice for Magik

2016 – 2nd Place Topical People’s Choice for SPF 420

2016 – 2nd Place Best Product for SPF 420

Why Choose Bare?

All Bare Topical products are handcrafted in small batches from raw materials, choosing organic options where possible. No lotion bases are used in any formulations.

We have a wide range of product with benefits from skin healing and mind-body-soul refreshment, to products with soothing analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Deeply researched formulations to bring highly effective blends of plants dominated by cannabis.

Interested in learning more? Explore Bare Topicals’ products.

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