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BCBD markets cannabis strains developed and produced in-house, known for their premium quality as evidenced by scores of awards and distinctions garnered over decades. BCBD is a household name with global recognition as one of the original and longest-standing companies in the cannabis genetics industry. The BC Bud Depot has been developing the best cannabis seeds for years, and every strain we carry has earned a place in our lineup of legendary breeds.

850,000 Seed Inventory

We have an inventory of around 850,000 seeds in our seed bank. Our Genetics Vault contains starting genes for over 200 varieties. Our seed vault contains genes from around the world for use in breeding projects. We draw from the best that the world cannabis gene pool has to offer, and we serve over 50,000 clients worldwide.


Worldwide Brand Recognition

Among global seed banks, BCBD ranks in the top three brands in terms of recognition. Whether you are in California, Europe or Canada, if you ask someone to name a cannabis seed bank, they are likely to mention BCBD.

With 48 proprietary strains, feminized and regular (I.e. sativas, indicas, hybrids, autos and high-CBD), we’re the only global source for the authentic genetics of our proprietary strains.

We are proud to be the exclusive distributor of Canada’s Scorpion 420.

BCBD in the Spotlight

BC Bud Depot is often sought out for interviews and consultations, and although for years we declined the spotlight, we have been featured in mainstream media including Time Magazine, The Walrus, and CBC, as well as just about every cannabis industry publication across all media.

Ten years of pre-paid advertising with High Times Magazine (>400,000 readers) —the value of this advertising space is immense. Over 15 years, we leapfrogged to ever-better advertising space until we occupied prime spots in the world’s largest cannabis magazine. Anything that BCBD chooses to announce in this space creates an international buzz in the industry and the public at large.

Awards & Recognition

We have award-winning quality strains: numerous awards, proprietary strains, and seed bank. With almost 40% of our strains being award-winners, some winners of multiple awards over a span of a decade or more, which reflects upon the quality of our entire strain catalogue, we are assured of consistent global and domestic demand for our strains over the long term.

Kootenay Cannabis Cup

2018 – #1 Overall Cup for Sweet God

Canadian Cannabis Awards

2017 – #3 Sativa Cup for Blue Dream

Bio Cup Canada

2016 – #1 PG Indica Cup – Shiatsu Kush

2016 – #1 CBD Concentrate Cup – Texada Timewarp

Kush Cup

2015 – #1 Overall Cup for BC Blueberry

Bio Cannabis Cup

2015 – #1 Indica Cup for God’s Gift

2014 – #3 Indica Cup for Harmony

HighTimes Cannabis Cup

2014 – #3 Hybrid Cup for Night Nurse

2009 – #3 Sativa Cup for The Purps

2007 – #3 Sativa Cup for The Purps

2004 – #1 Indica Cup for BC God Bud

Cali Cup

2014 – #1 Concentrate Cup for BC Blueberry

Uruguay Cannabis Cup

2013 #1 International Cup for Chem Fire

Los Angeles Medical Cannabis Cup

2013 – #1 Hybrid Cup for Girl Scout Cookies

Treating Yourself Medical Cup

2012 – #3 Sativa Cup for Sweet Island Skunk

2011 – #2 Ocerall Cup for BC Blueberry

Top 10 Canadian Strains of All Time

2010 – Top Strain for The Purps

2010 – Top Strain for BC God Bud

Seed Bank Hall of Fame Induction

2009 – Hall of Fame for BC Bud Depot

Barcelona Spannabis Cup

2008 – Spannabis Cup for The Black

Toronto Cannabis Cup

2006 – #2 Overall Cup for BC Sweet God

Battle of the Bridges Cup

2005 – #1 Overall Cup for BC God Bud

ICMag 420 Hash Cup

2005 – #2 Hash Cup for BC God Bud

Top 10 Strains of the Year

2015 – Top Strain for Night Nurse

2014 – Top Strain for CBD God

2013 – Top Strain for Chem Fire

2012 – Top Strain for Shiatsu Kush

2011 – Top Strain for The Big

2010 – Top Strain for Texada Timewarp

2009 – Top Strain for BC Mango

2008 – Top Strain for The Black

2007 – Top Strain for The Purps

2006 – Top Strain for BC Sweet God

2005 – Top Strain for BC God Bud

BC God Bud
Girl Scout Cookies
Original Blueberry
The Purps
Night Nurse
Animal Cookies
Sweet God
Blue Dream
BC Sweet Tooth

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